Tripoli Medical Centre

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Project Information

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  • Client : Ministry of Defense
  • Location : Tripoli, Libya
  • Surface Area : 2800 m2
  • Year Completed : 2019
  • Value : Undisclosed
  • Architect : Non
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Project Descripation

Our mission was to execute an extraordinary maintenance works to bring the building back to life. The work included the total reconstruction of the damaged walls and roof, the total renovation of the unit, the Remaking of the electrical system, the air-conditioning system fire safety, and the restoration of services in all plans and their sewer and water systems. Also, the scope of work included the installation of windows doors and gypsum board partitions.

Project Challenge

In the past few years, some areas of Tripoli University Hospital facilities were left neglected and abandoned which made the maintenance processes very deficalit when taking in consideration that the building is a hospital.

  • Paving repairs.
  • Window and door repairs.
  • Debris/rubbish removal and clearance.
  • Jet washing with chemical cleaning agents to remove
  • fungal stain or mould.
  • Gutter clearance and repair.
  • Lighting repairs.
  • Re-plastering and plaster repairs.
  • Rendering.
  • Window and door repairs.
  • Tiling.
  • Carpeting and flooring.
  • Plumbing.
  • Building services maintenance.
  • Repointing.
  • Removing paintwork: Can be removed by water washing, steam stripping, application of chemical paint removers, abrasive methods, hot
  • air paint stripper, burning-off method (using a blowtorch).
  • Repairing cracking or leaning walls.
  • Repairing decayed floorboards.


We have successfully accomplished our mission on time, not only that we went beyond that, we had a believe that maintenance is not enough and as a part of our civic duty we chose to design and execute the interior of the building.

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